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As a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist, I always am looking to participate in as much training as possible so I can offer all couples in love a memorable experience.  This week I was reminded of some interesting things about the USVI and Aruba that are absolutely worth blogging about!  USVI is a great place to consider your destination wedding, group vacation, family reunion and or/honeymoon because it so diverse as well as is US Territory so there are no passports required.  Especially with group travel, this provides an easy way to get to and from the islands without worrying about your group and their travel documents.

Aruba is also a great place to consider between August – November because it is on the outer fringes of the hurricane belt making it much less susceptible to tropical weather. The island is so close to the equator too, so it remains nice and toasty in the winter when we are up here in the North diving under the covers for warmth.

Destination weddings and vow renewals are very popular in Aruba.  There are many places to actually marry that are unique such as on a cliff, on one of their 24 beaches, in their Tunnel of Love, or even on Flamingo Beach! All couples in love are welcome in Aruba and some of the best resorts are TAG approved for same sex commitment ceremonies. Also, Aruba has a US Customs center ON THE ISLAND which means you clear customs before you leave Aruba, avoiding the hour long wait to get through customs after you land back home.

There are a ton of direct flights too and from Aruba, but if you are into cruising, we can arrange your beautiful ceremony for you and your guests while you are in port. 

Last but not least, Aruba offers my couples in love an Aruba Celebrations Registry! This new aspect is where you can register and assure the perfect gift – dining, activities, car rental, and even a shopping spree in Aruba!

I look forward to helping you plan your upcoming destination celebration! 

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