Without a Travel Agent, the BEST ones, your on your own…

It’s a big world.  Taking you hard earned money and investing it in a vacation is a fun and exciting venture. No matter how highly rated the resort is though, or how luxurious it is categorized, things unfortunately still can still go wrong, and…

As travel agents, we spend hours and time being trained by resorts and their products. We are provided phone numbers, email addresses, and connections across islands from their Tourist Boards to every possible manager, so that we can immediately connect with someone in times of turmoil.  Experience provides us the reassurance over and over again that they do things right, until the one time when they don’t, then what happens to you?  Your in the middle of your dream vacation and hiccups begin to occur.  Who do you call!? If you used me as your travel agent, I am there for you.

My clients have called, emailed, texted, used Google Talk, skype’d me, etc. while on vacation during good times and times of stress.  My promise to them is that no matter what time of day or night, in times of turmoil I will do my best to contact the powers that be and leave no stones un-turned and insist a resort, hotel, cruise line, car company, tour operators, etc. rectify the situation to the best of their ability.  It’s part of my job to make the best possible effort on my end to hold them to the standard of service for which they promise to provide my clients, their consumers, at all times.  If you think that a customer service agent at an online booking engine is going to do that for you too, then I’m sorry to say, you may find out the hard way that you are absolutely wrong.

Yesterday, Stepping Out Travel was named for the third year in a row the BEST travel agency in Ocean County by readers of the Asbury Park Press. We truly believe as a team that you provided us again with this honor because we work very hard to provide you exceptional customer service and go above and beyond with each and every booking.  When beginning the exciting process of planning your next vacation, let your first STEP be to reach out to me at Stepping Out Travel: DinaSilvestriTravel@gmail.com.  

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