Valentine’s Day Getaway

I truly believe that “Valentine’s Day” should be celebrated every day in some way, but in our house, February 14th is an extra special day because it’s my hubby’s birthday! Next to his family, my husbands second love is golf.  With this in mind, the original weather forecast for this weekend was supposed to be great! My plan was surprise him with a family breakfast, then a day on the links followed by an evening with our favorite band at a great South Jersey restaurant.  When my mother in law offered to send us away overnight to the Seaview Hotel & Golf Resort ( we put our heads together and came up with an overnight gift!

First we kicked off the birthday celebration with a special breakfast. I have to give a shout out and thank my friend Angela over at the Lemoine Family Kitchen ( for the breakfast recipe.  Honey Bunches of French Toast was a big hit and a recipe you should try!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

I didn’t have any expectations going into Seaview.  My high school prom was held here (too young to remember or appreciate it!) and a few years ago we toyed with the idea of getting married here, but it was out of our wedding budget price range at the time, so we didn’t bother visiting the property. What a BIG mistake!! After this overnight my husband and I are super rejuvenated from staying at Seaview.  It was right up our ally and I know of so many of my clients who would love it here too. 

Image from hotels website

First, I have to rave about the staff.  From start to finish every member of the staff was committed to paying attention to detail.  We were provided with a surprise upgrade to a massive suite (bigger than some NY apartments I’ve lived in!) which at first, we thought was a mistake and not meant for us!  This room was huge and perfect for a bride to get ready for her wedding with her brides maids, family and photographer.  I was able to check-out some normal rooms too (ya know, ones that don’t have a dining room and a door bell like ours!) that were beautiful and very spacious.  It was very sweet to see my husband enjoy the suite though.  Here he was literally thinking out loud about the pro golfers who have most likely stayed in this same suite annually when they come to Seaview for the LPGA Classic.  

What I also loved about the resort, beside it’s beautiful architecture and old-world club house charm, were the amenities.  It is HUGE and has so much to offer!

View of the Front and Right side.  So many accommodations!

View of the left side which is even larger.  It includes the Main Dining Room where you enjoy their breakfast (DELISH!), the Golf Pro Shop and a banquet hall.

  • For us, this is the perfect couples golf / Atlantic City getaway. All of my golfer clients need to consider booking this resort through me for your next local getaway.
  • As you know, I’m a Destination Weddings specialist.  After leaving here we KNEW it was a big mistake not to check this resort out for our wedding.  It’s under new ownership since we were looking at it for our wedding so the pricing is very fair now and, besides having a gorgeous wedding, your guests can all book/manage their reservations through me and get the most out of the resort’s outstanding amenities.
  • The Business and Conference Centers are not to be passed up.  It is designed for groups of all sizes.  We actually went to plan an upcoming stay for the spring and the entire hotel was booked during a few different weeks for huge conferences.
  • This resort has two championship golf courses, one on the water and one in the pines, that are very challenging, but in a fun way. Do not think because it is the dead of winter that the course is closed!  The Head Pro called us at 10 AM and invited us out to enjoy the Pines Course today.  We had the course all to ourselves!! JJ kept teasing me saying “Wow Din, not many wives reserve an entire golf course for their husband’s birthday!” I’ll happily take the credit LOL!

    Not only is this a great fit for couples, business groups, and wedding parties, but it is beyond perfect for a guys golf getaway or even a golf bachelor party since it’s so close to Atlantic City.  I survived the Pines Course today after not having picked up a golf club since August and really enjoyed it, you can too!  As you can see below though, I rewarded myself at Margaritaville with a delicious, hot tortilla soup!

  • Don’t like golf?  No problem.  Enjoy the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, Indoor and Outdoor pools and hot tubs, Recreation Room,  Fitness center, Walking Trails, Multiple Bars and so much more!
  • Looking for a girls getaway or activities for when the others are golfing?  The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is OUTSTANDING!
  • Want to explore outside of the resort?  It took us 12 minutes to get to Atlantic City where we spent time at the new Margaritaville!  We also saw our favorite band, Billy Walton, at the Main Street Cafe in Mays Landing which was 20 minutes from the resort.  This property is in great proximity of a lot of wonderful attractions in South Jersey.
Here I am at Margaritaville, exhausted, post-golf!

All in all we had an absolutely fantastic overnight celebrating my JJ’s birthday with our family and during this getaway.  Although we were only gone for one night, we honestly feel as if we were gone for a week!  There was a lot to do and we are happy and thankful for the opportunity to go and experience Seaview!

We hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend as well.  Although I was at Seaview for leisure, I of course made many connections at the resort who are now excited to welcome my clients for their perfect Seaview Resort & Spa event and getaway.  I look forward to booking you all at Seaview in 2014!

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