Why the Disney Cruise Line Can’t be Compared!

This year, Conde Nast Traveler named Disney Cruise ships the #1, 2, 3, and 5 in the WORLD as best large ships for a reason. Disney level of service is something unique especially when it comes to a classy, high-end, quality vacation experience that brings the tradition and magic of Disney to the high seas.  The cruise line is not just for families but all who love Disney.  It is truly the next step in your Disney Vacation experience. An experience that begins when you step onto their ships and are greeting by the Disney Princesses who announce your family as if you entered your own, personal kingdom.
The amount of adults who travel without children on these ships and enjoy the list of adults-only amenities is telling to the experience, making it the perfect for couples and multi-generational family vacations. There is something for everyone, not just kids. You can have your family reunion or even your wedding on a Disney cruise!  Disney has four ships in their fleet.  They are meticulous and in demand.  For those of you who haven’t booked yet, don’t worry, there is still some space for 2014 and worth calling me sooner than later about. My clients who want to book 2015, sail dates through April 2015 are now available so we need to get your deposits down for the best rooms/rates! Most of my clients book early, re-book onboard for extra amenities and discounts on their next sailing, and don’t ever return saying it wasn’t worth every penny spent. (DinaSilvestriTravel@gmail.com)

So, you want the details on the Disney Cruise Line?  No problem!  I am excited to share!!

  • Entertainment and Onboard Activities are outstanding on these ships.  For those who have children who love characters, goodbye are the days of waiting online in the hot sun to meet them!! Characters are available to you throughout your stay to meet, greet, dance with, play with and enjoy without the usual hassles!!  
Enjoy hassle free character meet/greet experiences!
  • In addition to characters: 
    • There are original Disney musicals that can’t be seen anywhere on dry land
    • You’ll enjoy first-run films, even some in 3-D, and if there is a Disney movie premier happening on land, don’t worry, it will be shown on ship complete with a red carpet Premier Party!
    • Family activities such as game night, dine-in movies on deck, sports decks, Muppet detective games with interactive art ship-wide, and so much more!
    • Pools in the family are feature the “first ever water coaster” AquaDuck on the two larger ships!
    • Enjoy the Bon Voyage party on deck as well as a Pirate Party when you can dress up like pirates and enjoy the fireworks!

    • There are so many kids clubs, kid activities, and a LOT of stuff for your teenagers including their own pool area, night clubs, and spas (all chaperoned!) 
    • Bibbidi Bobbidi Bouqitue, Avengers Academy as well as Mickey Mouse Club House are examples of some of what you’ll find on board for kids.
    • Nursery service is available for a minimal charge for those guests who are under three years old
  • So what if you don’t have kids or your traveling and want a break?  Again, remember that a large percentage of the ship are couples who are traveling without children.  Most cruisers report back that the kids were so busy anyway, that they rarely saw them on the ship. Adults-Only areas and experiences are abundant and a priority with Disney Cruise Line.  They want to again ensure not only are the kids having a great time, but the adults too!  Adults-only amenities include:
    • A pool area
    • A private spa and fitness center featuring Spin and group classes.  The treadmills on most ships face forward in front of a large window, so it’s as if you are pulling the ship with your run!
    • An entire “entertainment district” on the ship designed just for you!  This includes a barber shop, water-view massages, and more bars and dance clubs then I can list! 
    • It doesn’t end with private coffee bars on this ship.  Adults-only premium dining can be found at Palo and Remy.  At Palo you can get an outstanding brunch or enjoy a multi-course dinner for just $25/per person!  This is a really small fee for such a massive amenity. At Remy they too offer brunch but are better known for their 10 course French tasting menu.  The cost here is $75/per person and I have never had a client come back and say it wasn’t outstanding. In addition, if you have a special occasion or wanted to get couples together for dinner, for the same per person cost, a private room is available at these restaurants for no additional charge.
  • To say this is modern, gourmet dining is an understatement.  Interactive, personalized dining experiences and over sized cuts of beef and lobster tails are the norm at dinner.  Here is what impressed me the most though:
    • This sets Disney apart from most other cruise ship dining plans, are you ready??? FREE soda, water, coffee and tea on DECK!!
    • Remember, this is your cruise for relaxing too. Cast Members, if you approve, will get your children settled with their meals before you can do the natural lean we all do over to your child to help them cut his meat and reach her drink.  On a Disney Cruise, that’s taken care of for you so you can start eating your meal while it’s still hot too! (could you imagine!!???) 
    • Dine & Play is a popular option for families.  The children at the table are served first and once they are done, the Cast Members come to take them to a kids club area for activities and fun while you finish your meal!  And remember, you have your WAVE phones that connect you with your kids via text/voice on the ship and Castaway Cay.
    • Animators Palette is wonderful and such a fun way to enjoy dinner with the kids. An animation will speak to and interact with you and your children at your dinner table.  That’s not all, draw on the special placement they provide and Mickey will show up on your screen and bring your drawing to life! Guess what,yes, IT’S INCLUDED!  This is available on all ships, but enhanced on the Dream Class ships. This is not a cruise line that nickels & dimes you!!
    • Disney has a Rotational Dining plan in place for their ships which is unique to them.  You and your family will have the same waitstaff each night and sit at the same table together but you will be rotating to a different dining room theme/cuisine.  
    • In addition to breakfast and lunch buffets, I also loved that the casual dining area at night turns over to wait service.  This way, if your family decides you don’t want to do Rotational Dining or your dining time doesn’t coincide with that day’s excursion, you still have a wonderful dining experience with a wait staff available.  In addition, Disney features some of the same menu options in this casual dining experience as they do in the Rotational Dining rooms, so you don’t have to feel like your missing out on the menu!
  • Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island.  There are so many things I love about how they operate their island in comparison to others, it’s amazing:
    • Only ONE cruise ship at a time is at the island!
    • This island is Disney, so don’t be surprised when you see their characters on island too!  
    • They also have kids only areas and parks, water parks, an entire adults-only side of the island, excursions, cabana rentals (these need to be be pre-booked and go fast!), and gain, SO MUCH MORE!
  • 88% of the Staterooms on the Disney ships are outside staterooms, ensuring  most wake up to the sun shining in! They do have options for connecting (500 on some ships!) rooms and even some rooms that can fit a family of five. They have a lot of space, storage and even split bathrooms and separate sinks in most staterooms.  This way, your family has lots of space when getting ready for your morning excursions or evening shows!  The ships are decorated classy and easy to navigate for all.
  • Safety is priority with Disney. Disney has lifeguards at their pools! There is a 24 hour on call health center and a Stateroom Host assigned to only a few rooms at a time, so he/she is always available when you need to find them.  Every room gets Two WAVE PHONES.  These are phones that Disney provides enabling you to text and call your children at all times while on their ship and Castaway Cay.  You are always in contact with your kids and the Cast Members (ship crew!) who are chaperoning them.  This is great, especially for the teenagers in your lives!  Also, diet and allergy restrictions are taken very seriously. These are submitted through me prior to your departure, reinforced by you upon your arrival, and from a large food allergy to your preference of not wanting your children to have soda at dinner, the Cast Members are there to pay attention to and act upon all details that will make your trip the best it can be.
  • It’s not uncommon for my clients to pair the Disney Cruise with the Disney Theme parks.  A 3 Night Cruise paired with 3 Nights in the Parks also makes for a great trip package that I love to book!
  • Disney cruises travel to many areas of the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and they even offer Re-position Cruises for when the cruise ship is re-positioning ports from say Miami to Barcelona!
This may have been one of my longest blog posts and I am not even covering all there is to these ships.  I obviously find it essential to book your next Disney Cruise through a travel agent (ME!) to ensure that you are really getting the most of your investment/experience. These ships operate like the airlines, so booking early is encouraged to get the rate and room category.  They have Military discounts available as well that you should ask me about when you call to book!  I look forward to booking your next Disney Cruise vacation soon!  DinaSilvestriTravel@gmail.com.

*All photos were taken from www.disneycruiselines.com.  The pictures of the projector on my phone wasn’t doing any of this cruise experience justice!

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