THE All-INCLUSIVE Cruise is here!!

So I’ve been absolutely ecstatic since the return of my client’s recent stay on the Norwegian Breakaway to share her experience here.  This client is just such a beautiful person and her travel experience was so unique and relaxing, that sharing it was a MUST. While I sat down last evening to prep my notes for the blog, Norwegian announced that they would be breaking the mold with an ALL-INCLUSIVE CRUISE PACKAGE for 2015 sailings!  This package is only available on bookings made between August 4-29, 2014, so don’t wait to contact me to book this (!:

THE All-INCLUSIVE Cruise is here!!

THE All-INCLUSIVE Cruise is here!!

So why Norwegian cruise lines?  Well first and foremost, they have really spectacular new ships.  The Breakaway, which sails out of NYC year round, and the Getaway which is their newest ship sailing out of Miami, are outstanding options. So why else do I love this cruise line?  Well there is a list of reasons specific to each client but this time around it’s because 1) they go ABOVE and BEYOND, especially for clients who have dietary restrictions 2) they have fantastic rates, even for last minute travel and 3) because they offer single supplement rooms that are STUNNING!  Cruising with a group or opting to go by yourself no longer means paying more than you should have to!  The new Norwegian ships have a solution for this and I will be sharing here my clients amazing experience with the Studio Rooms and VIP areas for these rooms on the New Norwegian Breakaway.

My clients have been booking a lot of last-minute summer travel and I’m happy that there have been so many fantastic deals on five star resorts and top cruise lines to offer them. This client was looking for a last-minute getaway that would be easy for her to travel to/from on her own for relaxation and rejuvenation.  We explored a few all-inclusive options but during the week she was looking to travel, Norwegian was offering a fantastic sale on their Studio rooms that couldn’t be beat!  This was her ticket to paradise!


As mentioned prior, the Breakaway is in NY and, although I’ve hammered it into everyone on my Facebook Group ( that it’s a no-brainer to get to this port for departure, my client put this to the test!

“Parking at pier is $40 a day. People offered to drop me off but I felt badly so I took your expert advice and took the bus. It was great! Two dollars a day to park at the bus terminal!… I met other people on the bus going to the cruise port. It was less than a mile so we all walked together. On the way home buses run pretty regularly and Sunday was not crowded in the Port Authority. Most importantly, my car was fine when I got back. Only prob – after not driving for a week – I really did not want to drive!”

Although Norwegian Breakaway is a larger ship, I was curious to know my clients feedback, as a single, adult traveling without kids, regarding crowds and the ship in general, especially where kids are concerned.  Her feedback is priceless and insightful!
“The boat was meticulously clean and beautiful. The attention to detail was amazing. We were docked in Bermuda next to a competitor ship and everyone said our boat was so much nicer! I felt bad for the kids on the other ships having to see out boat with water slides!  I didn’t find the amount of kids (on the Breakaway) to be too much. At night our boat lit up! You couldn’t hear the deck party music from my room though or on other parts of ship. The deck parties were a blast! That crew did a great job with organizing and getting everyone involved. Fireworks at sea were magical!!

The theater was gorgeous. I could see no matter where I sat and seats were comfortable. Rock of Ages was well done! I saw the Broadway show and found acting and staging to be excellent. Only difference was no live band under the stage.

The service friendliness and hospitality of staff was indescribable. My room Stewart could not have been more kind. The waiters assistants and maître d always made sure I was ok and I had everything I needed and my food was allergy free and safe. (more about her food allergies later on!)

As someone traveling alone – everyone made me feel at ease and welcome! The Breakaway is known to be a large ship. However, I never had to wait in line for dining and was always able to find a lounge chair in sun. People in large groups would stop in walkways to chat, but otherwise traffic, flowed through the ship nicely.”
This client, as mentioned, took advantage of the new single supplement Studio room offerings on the Breakaway. These rooms are fantastic because now people who travel alone or who are in a group but don’t want to share a room, can do so at a single priced option. My client got an AMAZING last minute rate through me and was so surprised by the room!

“I loved my Studio. It really was the perfect size, set up, space and actually bigger than what I expected. Ample storage – under bed, two closets, chair opened, sink cabinets and bins under bed. I didn’t spend much time in the VIP lounge (which is only for Studio room guests!) but they had alcohol available to purchase and a coffee machine, water juice and hot tea complimentary. That was great and very convenient !!! There were also baked goods and fresh fruit. I loved having the water, tea and coffee being so close. I couldn’t eat the baked goods but one night the attendant saw me getting tea. We chatted and when he heard about my allergies he brought me gluten free cake and ice cream!
The Studio VIP Lounge was two floors with seating areas, a large tv and board games available. There were nightly single traveler meetings in there. I didn’t attend because I was either on island or participating in other activities, but they were available!”
Most travelers in Studios during my sailing were in groups of friends or mother / daughters who wanted own room or single travelers traveling with a group of couples. I met about three other people traveling totally alone. They mostly kept to themselves but were always polite.”
Lastly, food allergies and dietary restrictions are a norm now, especially with cruises and resorts. I am planning to do a separate post about this issue, but rest assured, Norwegian Cruise Lines takes care of you! Typically, it’s required to provide Norwegian dietary restriction issues 30 days prior to departure, but since this client was booking their vacation with me 10-15 days prior to departure the cruise line was able to work with us to accommodate without a problem! At one point my client shared that she hasn’t ate so well in so long and was treated like a queen! Each night, she would place her order for dinner to ensure that the next night it was allergen free. She has tree nut, peanut and gluten allergies and Norwegian didn’t bat an eye at being able to accommodate her, and well.I continue to highly recommend Norwegian Cruise Lines, and especially the Breakaway out of NY and Getaway out of Miami. These new ships are fun, innovative and really hit the mark nicely on how to accommodate all clients need you be traveling alone, traveling as a couple, traveling as a family or traveling as a large group. Again, please remember that their all-inclusive offer is ONLY available through this August, so it is essential to contact me sooner than later if you are interested in booking your 2015 at the all-inclusive rate/sale.

Until next time,
Safe travels!

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