Last Minute & 2015 Sales are HOT now!

I am inundated all day every day with two things this week:  sales and quote requests to take advantage of those sales.  A lot of you still ask me “when should I book”  the answer to that is, when it comes to sales especially, I need to lock it in ASAP!  You have to remember, sales do not last forever.  The reason most sales come about is because space is available and once that space fills, those rooms/cabins are sold, so no longer available at the sale price.  Some examples of what you can find on my Facebook Page from the last half hour at (, are here:

Last Minute & 2015 Sales are HOT now!

Last Minute & 2015 Sales are HOT now!

What’s been the hottest as far as I can see is Kids Stay/Sail FREE.  This is huge for family travel, group travel and my destination wedding clients especially.  The reason this option is so special is because there are only a limited number of resorts and cruise lines that still offer Kids Stay/Sail FREE.  Club Med, for example, still allows children under 4 to stay free all year long, no sale needed. MSC cruises allows children under 11 to sail free, all year long, no sale needed.

When other resorts such as Palace (summer 2015!), Hard Rock (fall 2014) and cruise lines like Norwegian are having Kids Stay/Sail Free sales JUMP ON IT and call me because it’s VERY rare they do this!  It is a huge cost savings, especially through these premier travel avenues, when they are willing to comp your kids. Reach out to me immediately and lets get your minimal deposit down!

My desk also has a stack of bookings and quotes I am working on for November, Holiday and April school break.  My advice always remains the same BOOK NOW, SAVE LATER.  First of all, working with me as your travel agent always means:

1) NO FEES.  I don’t charge them!  I trust my clients are seeking me out for quotes because they are going to use me and appreciate my time as well as hard work.  Plus, I work from home and have no overhead to pass on to you.
2) You can make as many or few payments toward your vacation to me as you want between time of deposit and time your final payment is due.  If you book directly you not only DON’T get my personalized customer service and expertise at your fingertips, but you have to pay your entire vacation up front.  What if the price goes down?  I will always ask for adjustment to the lower price!
3) I strive to not only find you the lowest price on your vacation but on your deposit as well.  I just quoted a package that was on a sale that only required a $100/per person deposit for AIR and LAND to hold.  The client now has locked in their sale price through me at a very minimal deposit and has MONTHS to pay the balance to me at their leisure between now and final payment.

The airlines especially know that school breaks are a massive time for travel, so… guess what they typically do with their rates?  Calling me to book early is essential because “waiting” is a dangerous game, especially on a school break.  Flights, rooms and cabins are selling out NOW so if you wait, you won’t have a cabin/room/seat to be waiting for!

I also encourage you to be flexible.  I completely understand that you don’t want your children out of school for vacation, please, I don’t either.  If you are able though to have some wiggle room, leaving a few days before break actually starts or staying a few days later then it actually ends, there may be a chance for more savings that I can find for you! In addition, if you are willing to travel on non-school holiday weeks during the year, there is always savings to be found when you can travel when the rest of America isn’t!

Also, JOIN my Facebook Group because this is where the specials live for my clients!  I have a closed Facebook Group on purpose.  I don’t believe it SPAM and my clients JOIN because they want the information on what the latest/greatest deals are, education I am getting, travel alerts and experiences.  Again, you can do so at  Here’s what the top of the page looks like when you get there!  Make sure you ask to JOIN today!

And always, you know how to get me!


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