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This week, among the Disney Cruise booking insanity, I had another awesome update from my partner, Central Holidays.  If you haven’t noticed, this is the third Central Holiday’s update I’ve made a point to attend this year for good reason.  I’ve had a lot of custom inquiries for honeymoons, anniversary and bucket-list trips for Italy, the Mediterranean, and Ireland this year (shout out to newlyweds Nicole & John who are teachers currently checking off Dublin and London from their bucket list for their honeymoon!)  The Euro makes NOW a fantastic time to travel to Europe, and my clients are taking advantage of the pricing!

Newlywed couples especially, or those who have not yet visited these areas, have a common misconception that because it’s not 100% all-inclusive (but I do get VERY close!) that these types of trips may be out of their price range.  What I’m here to tell you is… YOUR ASSUMING WRONG!  The truth of the matter is, that no matter how much I love Mexico and the Caribbean (and you know I do!), if you’ve “been there, done that” or want something extra-special and unique, that would still incorporate a tropical beach, it’s time to be asking me about the beaches in Italy, Greece, Spain and even Portugal.  Furthermore, when visiting places like these that are known for their fantastic food and outstanding wine, all-inclusive isn’t the way to go.  You want to leave room for exploration and experience of YOUR choice, not be told what to eat and drink in places that are trendsetters for food  and wine.  It’s worth having me compare a Caribbean/Mexico trip to an Italy/Mediterranean trip, really diving-in together on a comparison to see which is the best investment for your upcoming vacation!   Here are some beach-y areas to consider:

  • If you don’t want to be on a plane for too long, the Azores are a few hours away from Boston… just FOUR hours!  Talk about a unique, island hopping experience close to home! Pricing starts at $1,089/per person:
  • If you love Spain, they offer Balearic Island Hopping:
    Spain Island Hopping
  • If you want to experience Athens and add Island Hopping from 2-4 islands, they have a flexible option starting at $1,150/per person!Greek Isles
  • If it’s Italian you want, how about Sardinia which is Italy’s second largest island and the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea:
    Italy ISL

There is just so much to be explored across Europe and the Mediterranean AND it’s easy to have me customize your trip to combine history with tropical (think Athens + Island Hopping!) in most destinations.

I will be doing more posts about offerings such as their Italian Treasures packages and the BOOK FULL of ways you can explore this area as directed by CEO of Central Holidays, Giovanni, who is born/raised in Italy!  I’ll also provide information about their Exotic and Mediterranean offerings, both independent and escorted.  Finally, don’t forget CUBA!!!  Central Holiday’s is working hard to get our clients into Cuba NOW while it’s still an untouched, magical and mystifying island nature.

I’m so excited and hope you are too!  I can’t wait to hear from you all to book you upcoming trip to Europe and the Mediterranean.
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