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It has been an exciting week at Stepping Out Travel.  Our CEO is in town from the Texas office and we started off the week by surprising agency Owner, Donna, with a 10th Anniversary of Stepping Out Travel celebration dinner.  The week continued with trainings, meetings and client business as usual.  For me at home, this week also included a home office makeover which I am excited to share!

My husband and I decided a long time ago that we really love our home.  It has so much history for us and for our family. Although we dabble with wanting to move, unless it is to our favorite beach town, it just isn’t happening. I found this great quote on Pinterest, which I love (both the quote and Pinterest!), that sums up how I feel about our home:


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Currently, we are a family of three, so we have an extra bedroom that has become a “office/playroom/storage room” that has been driving me nuts.  I don’t do well with unorganized areas, or unorganization in general. I’ve been perusing around on Pinterest for a while searching for the best way to utilize some of our wasted space. This weekend the decision was made to spring into action!  Instead of being cornered in a dark, unorganized playroom/office/storage area (“OPS”) we decided to relocate my office to the large hallway closet in the middle of the house.  This closet was literally storing blankets and baskets. Another waste of space!

The first order of business was to pick out paint colors.  I thought we’d go with a neutral sand color, but fell in love with this blue.  I’m always drawn to nautical themes and colors (blue, sand and dune grass!) and this case was no different. Here my Handyman Hubby is tackling the painting.  I’m really glad he loves to paint, because I hate it!  I rolled out the wall color then he does the intricate painting.  It’s team work!

JJ with watermark

Here my Handy-Hubby is painting the hallway closet

We also really wanted to use what we already had since our office furniture was newer and my husband is so handy.  He was able to repurpose our filing cabinet.  I picked up a few frames at the Dollar Tree to give it texture and he spray painted it white to match the shelving we purchased.

Filing Cabinet with watermark

The “before” photo of the filing cabinet

Everything we do is a family affair.  Our Little Buddy helped us along the way.  It was sweet when he pulled his tool bench and play tools out of the playroom area to be right next to us as we worked on the closet conversion!  Here he was as we were putting the office components together last evening after the painting projects dried.  The top of the desk was courtesy of the desks we had purchased originally used for the OPS area.  My Handyman Hubby cut them down to the perfect size. The cork board was from the OPS as well, so the only real new purchases were the paint, lighting and shelving!

James with watermark

Getting everything in place before we went to bed last evening. Thanks to our Little Buddy for always being enthusiastic and wanting to help out! I hope that trait stays with you forever!!

Today we were excited to get the lighting in tact, the electronics up and running and I’m now enthusiastically blogging from you this afternoon from the finished product: Ta Da!!!!

Office with Watermark

Ta Da! It is my new office area!

So now you know what I look like (if you didn’t before) on a weekend and, when I’m chatting with you via phone and email from my home office, you know what that looks like now too.  I’m so excited about this project conversion and thankful that my Handyman Hubby and Little Buddy took the time to make this come to life.  I look forward to working from my new space for you on your upcoming travel adventures!

dina with watermark

Here I am sending you my first blog from the new office space!

Dina of Stepping Out Travel

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