Surviving what I call the “post-vacation situation”

So I’m what you’d call a “compulsive planner.” When I come home from vacation though, no matter how much I’ve planned for the vacation, everything just seems out of sorts at home.  It takes me a few days to get the laundry together, the house feeling homey, and my dinner and exercise schedule back on track.  I recently discovered a love for grocery delivery service so ordering my groceries for delivery when we get home is possible.  The question always remains though: “what do I buy to cook?”  That is usually followed by the thought “I wish we had housekeeping and a chef at home like we did on vacation!”  Since that isn’t our reality, I’m thankful for my friend’s who introduced me to Nancy, who in turn, introduced me to Dinner’s Done!

I LOVE to cook so when I first heard about Dinner’s Done my perception of it was that it was going to be crummy recipes that my family wouldn’t want to eat.  I also assumed it was some money making scheme that was not going to be cost effective.  BOY, WAS I WRONG!  Dinner’s Done is when you come together with your family, friends, and our Nancy, at her place or yours, to create a week’s worth of delicious freezer meals in 2 hours.  The meals are around $2.50 per serving and every meal has been a huge hit at home.  When I make them at home it usually takes me about half the workshop time to prep a week’s worth of meals and I’m always shocked at how easy they are to actually cook.  This recent menu I have is about 20 minutes or less to cook, from start to finish, for each meal. Thanks to this system, here is what my freezer looks like now most of the time:


Recently, I wasn’t able to attend one of Nancy’s Lightened Up Dinner’s Done workshops so I picked up the Pampered Chef supplies I purchased for the meals, ordered PeaPod and got to assembling at home.  This time around I’ve been able to make over 20 Dinner’s Done meals using the Pampered Chef spices and oils from just one Pampered Chef order!  SCORE!!!  I like the Lightened Up menu because I don’t have to think about the calorie count, they are easy to cook and absolutely delicious.  I do alter the other menus to be light anyway, which is another reason I love this system.  Some of the meals from this Lightened Up menu that we love include Creamy Pasta Primavera, Chicken Sausage & Peppers which we put on a whole grain ciabatta roll, Chimichurri Steak Salad and even the Chicken Paprikash!

11751730_10206927468162573_5068580172101791452_n (1)



Chimi Steak Salad

Ckn Pap

Although I haven’t remembered to yet, I ALWAYS say that after vacation I NEED to prep these meals before we depart so that my freezer is full with dinner when we get home.  I’m happy I did have some in there before this trip and this week was able to prep some more with the spices I have left over from the last workshop.

If you are interested in learning more about Dinner’s Done, reach out to Nancy via her Facebook Group at  She had absolutely NO idea I was writing this (Surprise Nance!) but considering how awesome and helpful Dinner’s Done has been, and how absolutely amazing and dedicated Nancy is to us and the program, I just had to share with my travel clients, family and friends.  I’m hoping to host another Dinner’s Done workshop at my house in the fall, but if you do one before I do be sure to book it through Nancy and send me an invite!  If you want to join in on the ones she is already hosting across the state (NJ), check out her Facebook Group for those updates too.

Off to enjoy the afternoon with my family because… Dinner’s already Done!

Dina of Stepping Out Travel


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