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It’s the quirky and the unique that truly lends your day a touch of your own personality. Add surprising elements to give your wedding some flair. We love this rustic bell to call for the newlyweds to kiss.

Make the line at the bar go more quickly with a rustic sign that provides all the drink options before guests even get to the bartender. Guests will appreciate not having to look for the bar, too!

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Anna Page Photography

Are a full-on bar and bartender out of a budget? Fill up a trough with the drinks of your choice. Fun and quirky, it lends rustic charm to any backyard or barn wedding.

Shell de Mar Photography

If you’re trying to avoid paying for an open bar, consider having his and her cocktails that embody your tastes and personalities instead. Your guests will still get the liquor while you can save money and add a personal element to the wedding.

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Renee Sprink Photography

Hand-painted treats liven up an average plate of hors d'oeuvres or dessert delectables. These “fruity” pastel macarons scream springtime fever.

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Getting creative with your dessert display is an easy way to elicit a wow factor. Serving cupcakes? Instead of placing them in traditional tier, arrange them in the initial of your new last name.

Reese Moore Photography

Let your cake table shine with some original décor. Swap it out for an antique desk and juxtapose it with a marquee sign to spotlight the display.

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Jen Rodriguez

Bride and groom figurines are so yesterday. Opt for a cake topper that makes a statement and reflects your and your groom’s personalities, like this gold sparkle showstopper reigning in the awws with a depiction of the couple’s two dogs.

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Aga Jones Photography

Photobooths are always a good source of entertainment for guests. Is renting one out of the budget? Create an oversized polaroid for a fun and quirky cost-efficient twist. The photos will be just as fun!

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Nadia Meli

Make sure to include props so those who feel awkward posing can feel more comfortable with something to hold. Plus, you’ll get more candid photos! We love these punny balloons — they’re fun and affordable.

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You spent months brainstorming a clever hashtag — make sure people use it! Create a clever sign to encourage your guests to snap and post the night away.

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Olive Photography
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5 years ago

1-800-vitamix - Adventistarchives.org

LETTERS Up to Us Steven

LETTERS Up to Us Steven Vitrano's article "What's Wrong With That?" (August NAD edi­ tion) is without doubt the best short article I have read on the issue of right and wrong. Our keen Adventist sense of right and wrong, if pruned of denominational branchlets, would produce fruit that many outside our church would want. They very much needed to hear us, beginning as early as the late forties, when Alfred Kinsey almost singlehand- edly brought about a sexual revolution based on unconscionable "research" methods and biased data. Were we the light of the world then? Instead, the sexual revolution left Adventists dumb­ founded and much too quiet—to the harm even of many of our own mem­ bers. In the sixties revolution people needed to hear loud and clear that one must do "the right thing," not "one's own thing." Where were we? Certainly not shouting from the rooftops. By now our once rather orderly world has become thoroughly pol­ luted by relativism, unregulated sexu­ ality, and violence. But finally a reaction has begun, as many people have realized that the sixties revolu­ tion was a disaster for North America and that we must either rediscover our moral and ethical roots or continue to decline as a nation. The present budding cultural coun­ terrevolution offers our church a great opportunity to be heard on a message that the world desperately needs. Professor Vitrano's article gives me a glimmer of hope that perhaps this time we Adventists won't sit idly by the sidelines. It is up to us. Hector Hammerly Aldergrove, British Columbia Adventists and NPR As a believer in upholding Christian standards, as well as a daily National Public Radio listener and an NPR fan, I support Southern College in relinquish­ ing NPR programs (see Newsbreak, Aug. 24). Though there is much good in NPR's offerings, NPR infrequently pre­ sents topics and language that in my opinion have no place in Christian homes or on the schedules of Adventist stations. While I as an adult can simply ignore the profanity and vulgarity that may pop up on NPR, these lapses from good taste should not be permitted in Adventist homes, especially those with impressionable children. Christians should be able to leave their receivers tuned to Adventist stations, particularly on the Sabbath, and not have to be con­ cerned about inappropriate material coming into their homes. I see a danger in the announcement of this Southern College action in the Review. Adventists may consider Southern's leaving NPR as a denomi­ national endorsement of partisan con­ servative congressional animosity against NPR. The political party line is that NPR is "elitist," expensive, and unnecessary, though the over­ whelming majority of the superb NPR programs are decent and truly edu­ cational. The cost to each citizen is only a few pennies per year, but the monetary cost to member stations is very high, and this could well have been a factor contributing to the deci­ sion by the college. I do not believe that most Adventists wish the church to be a cat's paw in the service of political factions, liberal or conservative, majority or minority, even while we are upholding Christian standards. Richard Rimmer Madison, Tennessee Hypersensitivity Having been in the former Soviet Union before and after the fall of Communism, my perception of the problem of harassment in the Ukraine (see Newsbreak, Aug. 24) may be pro­ bative. I would urge great respect for the hypersensitivity of a people who have suffered terribly from the deceptions of authorities. Augmenting this is a long history of abuses by religions. Generations have been taught to be suspicious of religion. Misleading advertising hands them the excuse to oppose rather than wel­ come the intended message. When does being less than frank become dis­ honesty? Robert Lee Marsh, M.D., F.A.C.S. Flintridge, California More on Utrecht My wife and I had the privilege of attending the General Conference ses­ sion in Utrecht, Netherlands. We were able to arrange our itinerary to include all 10 days of the session, and we were truly blessed. Although I was not an official delegate, I counted it a privilege to attend as many of the business meet­ ings as possible. It is on this subject that I would like to speak. At most of the business meet­ ings one would see 30-50 percent of the delegates' seats empty. I realize that many of the delegates were in commit­ tee meetings, but if you would walk the streets of Utrecht, you could see hun­ dreds of delegates shopping, sightsee­ ing, etc. This was a very upsetting discovery for me. I have been a Seventh-day Adventist for more than 50 years, and I think the business of the church is very impor­ tant. Each union is allowed to send a certain number of delegates to the General Conference session. The expense that is involved in this is tremendous, and to have delegates mis­ use this God-appointed opportunity is shameful. May the Lord direct earnestly in finding a solution to this matter. Russell L. Wilbur Holland, New York My heart was thrilled as I heard the General Conference report from China of hundreds of people brought into the church by women, gifted by the Holy Spirit as pastors and evangelists. God has shown in a remarkable way that when He bestows His gifts, He is no respecter of persons. Praise His name! Eloise Bickley Grants Pass, Oregon 2 (1306) ADVENTIST REVIEW, OCTOBER 19,1995

Jun 11, 2018 12:58 pm
By Alex Riccardi

Make no mistake, Kim Kardashian really loves Kanye West . The mom of three pulled out all of the stops for Yeezy's 41st birthday, and it looked like a total blast. Not only did Kim pick an incredible venue for the occasion, but she also invited some of Kanye's closest friends and family. Oh yeah, and a professional mentalist showed up with some insane party tricks. Watch the video above to see for yourself!

Watch the video above to see for yourself!

The hardest thing to miss was Kanye's giant smile. The rapper was legitimately grinning all night long! And who wouldn't be that happy surrounded by personalized cookies and lattes?! Kim really didn't forget a single detail. She even thought to give Kanye a cake of the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, which was a nod to his new album cover.

Aside from the party, Kim shared a photo of Kanye on Instagram for his actual birthday, June 8, holding their five-month-old daughter, Chicago West . "Happy Birthday, babe!!!!! It's been a wild year, but we're here [and] life is good!" she wrote to her hubby. "So proud of you dropping back-to-back albums [and] fulfilling your dreams. You inspire me to make the impossible always become a reality. Love you."

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

The pair have been down a rocky road in the past several months after Kanye publicly showed his support for President Donald Trump , called slavery "a choice," and shared OfftheShoulder Knit Crop Top EMORY PARK Cheap Sale Outlet Z68XoEF4f
over politics on Twitter. Yeezy alluded to the tension between him and Kim on his new album.

"Wife calling screaming saying we're about to lose it all I had to calm her down 'cos she couldn't breathe / I told her she could leave me now but she wouldn't leave," he rapped. "This is what they mean for better or for worse, huh?" Despite the lyrics — and maybe a glimpse into what really goes on behind closed doors — Kim has stood by her man.

After he made headlines for the controversial thoughts, she tweeted, "Kanye will never run in the race of popular opinion and we know that and that’s why I love him and respect him. In a few years, when someone else says the same exact thing, but they aren't labeled the way he is, you will all praise them! Kanye is years ahead of his time." With all of that seemingly behind them, the birthday celebration looked LIT.

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